Lotte. 19. The Netherlands.

Addicted to Castle (OCD).
Daily fangirling about caskett's lovestory .
Stana Katic is a goddess and my hero ♥

Also loves arrow, the blacklist, betrayal, nikita, new girl, bones, suits, grey's anatomy, smash, homeland, unforgettable, the following, friends, the vampire diaries & awkward.

Beckett: So, basically we’re looking for someone who won’t intimidate them. An adult presence, in the classroom that eight year olds will view as a peer, someone they can consider one of their own?

(Bron: -emmaaa, via mariaascruz)


Tell me. Does this or does this not look like a face of “What the heck did those brats do to my Castle?”

(gif from: cuffed-to-caskett)

(via mariaascruz)

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