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Daily fangirling about caskett's lovestory .
Stana Katic is a goddess and my hero ♥

Also loves arrow, the blacklist, betrayal, nikita, new girl, bones, suits, grey's anatomy, smash, homeland, unforgettable, the following, friends, the vampire diaries & awkward.


Caskett + matching outfits (season 6)

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-“G” is the 7th letter of alphabet, and Germany starts with “G”

-The name Germany contains 7 letters.

-Germany was in Group “G” or Group “7.”

-Germany ended group stage with 7pts.

-Germany scored 7 goals in group stages (4 vs Portugal, 2 vs Ghana and 1 vs U.S.A).

-Germany scored 7 goals vs Brazil.

-We are in 7th month of year.

-The winning goal was scored 7 minutes to end of extra time.

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